Friday, 15 February 2013


Today I made my first visit to Werribee for the year.  The number of Australian Shelducks, Purple Swamphens, Pink-eared Ducks and Red-necked Avocets was phenomenal.  There are always huge numbers of Grey and Chestnut Teal.
Moulting Australian Shelducks at T-Section Lagoons

There is always something exciting at Werribee.  At the T-Section Lagoons, we saw three Zebra Finches and one Brown Songlark, as well as one mystery bird.  This unidentified wader has me stumped.  It was about the size of a Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, with a stout, very slightly upturned bill and an obvious white eye-ring.  There was no supercilium.  Underparts white, splotched on the back and wings and a striated head.  This bird simply doesn't exist according to the field guides.  Yet I saw it.  The uncooperative creature flew before I could examine it further, so I didn't see leg or tail colour, and I was busy consulting my field guide and didn't see it fly.

Another highlight today was hearing and then seeing four Brolga - such beautiful big birds. We saw seven Australasian Darters - unusual for Werribee, and a flock of about a dozen Black-tailed Native-hens at the Borrow Pits.

A great day as usual.  Werribee never lets me down.

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