Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Melbourne has had a few horribly hot days, so when today's forecast was for an enjoyable 27, I couldn't resist the temptation to go birding.  I went to Sherbrooke Forest, which is at the other end of the Yarra Ranges National Park (where I was last Friday at the Ferntree Gully end).  It comprises tall wet eucalypt forest with fern gullies, and is famous for Superb Lyrebirds.
Sherbrooke Forest

I was greeted in the car park by Crimson Rosellas and Eastern Yellow Robins.  The robins were very friendly and they were everywhere.  I lost count of how many I saw this morning.  Two Eastern Whipbirds flew across the track before I'd even locked the car, giving me excellent views.  (If only Western Whipbirds would be so cooperative!)  I set off slowly, enjoying the sunshine and the bird song.  I wrote down ten species straight away, one after the other.  The best (apart from the whipbird) was yet another Rufous Fantail.  I took the track to the falls and I must say it was extremely pleasant.  The temperature was perfect, the birds were singing and there weren't too many joggers.  Cockies squawked overhead and kookaburras laughed for the simple joy of being alive.  I couldn't help feeling guilty (I should be at my desk, working) but the morning was too good to ignore.  I had a good look at a White-throated Treecreeper, as Red-browed are also a possibility here.  Scrubwren hopped across the track, as well as the ubiquitous robins.  I put my glasses up to admire one larger bird on the ground, and saw a beautiful Bassian Thrush.  Icing on the cake!

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