Thursday, 11 September 2014


Yesterday I spent an enjoyable half an hour at Trin Warren Tam-Bore, the manmade wetlands on the periphery of Royal Park, just outside central Melbourne.  It was cold and windy, yet I managed 21 species, the best being a Little Grassbird.

Dusky Moorhen
I was greeted by my favourite bird, a friendly Willie Wagtail, as I left the car park.  I walked around the pond, with free entertainment provided by the coots and moorhens on the water.  The Australasian Grebes were dressed in their breeding best, but I couldn't see any chicks.  Little Wattlebirds and a Horsfield Bronze-Cuckoo called simultaneously, and I was forced to make a quick decision about which one to go for.  I decided on the cuckoo, looked for it, dipped, and (naturally) the wattlebirds had stopped calling by then, so I dipped on them too.

Welcome Swallows performed impressive aerial acrobatics, while the New Holland Honeyeaters sat in the bushes, refusing to acknowledge the swallows' agility.  Swamphens strutted on the grass, ignoring me disdainfully.  There were fewer ducks than usual - I saw only Pacific Black Ducks and Grey Teals.

A pair of Magpie-larks duetted for me, while Rainbow Lorikeets and Red Wattlebirds added discordant squawks.

What better way to spend thirty minutes so close to town?

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