Friday, 22 August 2014


Yesterday I visited Karkarook, the site that I just couldn't squeeze into my top 100 birding sites.  I like to go there on 1 January to get Blue-billed Duck onto my annual list.  It is a very pleasant spot, very popular with joggers and dog walkers, but notwithstanding all the people, the birding is often quite good.  Twice to my knowledge, Little Bitterns have turned up there.

There is a bird hide, but it is one of those noisy ones that frighten every bird within a hundred metres when you open the door.  I go to the hide, but I never go in.  The view is just as good from outside.

There are often Hoary-headed Grebes at Karkarook, and usually Greenfinch.  I saw several hoary-heads yesterday, but alas! no Greenfinch.  That might be the first time I've been there and not seen or heard these exotic finches.  I'm pleased to say that the Blue-billed Ducks didn't let me down.

One dog walker noticed my binoculars and asked me to identify the beautiful little blue bird she was admiring.  It was a male Superb Fairy-wren, at his breeding best.  

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, it was altogether a glorious day.   Melbourne is lucky to have so many pleasant parks.  No wonder we are the world's most livable city.

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