Friday, 17 May 2013


Forest Wagtail by Brian Johnston
When I wrote of my visit to Alice Springs, I did not have any decent photo of the dear little bird that drew me there, so I posted one I'd taken myself.  Now, thanks to Brian Johnston, I do.  Brian was there enjoying the bird at the same time as I was and he has kindly sent me some photos to share with you.

Mike Carter was there too.  The Forest Wagtail was his 858th Australian bird!  (And here's me thinking 700 was pretty good!)

Mike wrote:  'It was a joy to watch the Forest Wagtail at close range walk in a deliberate and unhurried manner, wave its tail in a horizontal rather than a vertical plane, search for food in the shadows, eat a large caterpillar, take a long bath scattering water widely and then preening at length on the ground and in a tree.  All this in the pleasant surrounds of a landscaped but surprisingly small garden and in the convivial company of the host and five others of like mind sharing the experience.  It was great!'

Forest Wagtail by Brian Johnston
Here's the bird with the large caterpillar Mike mentioned.  It was quite spectacular watching the bird eat this huge meal, squirting its stomach contents over the lawn.  As I said previously, this was the first time I've ever jumped on a plane to see a rare bird.  I doubt it will be the last.

Forest Wagtail by Brian Johnston
Thank you, Brian, for the beautiful photos!  I'm sure we all appreciate them.

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